Rev Fadairo’  inspiring reflections for Advent, Christmas and beyond! DAILY BREAD FOR ALL SEASONS:

Rev Fadairo’ inspiring reflections for Advent, Christmas and beyond! DAILY BREAD FOR ALL SEASONS:

Father Anthony Taiye Fadairo’s latest literary offering to Christendom. “Daily Bread For All Seasons: Advent & Christmas”, is Rev.

The soul-inspiring book published in 2022 by Paulines Publication West Africa, contains deep reflections by Rev. Fadairo, a Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, intended to nourish Christians for the four Sundays and weekdays of advent, Christmas season till the commemoration of the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ and of course, beyond. Covered in the book also, are reflections on feasts that take place during these seasons for the three cycles of the liturgical year.

The Advent, a period preceding Christmas, is particularly a time of remembrance and anticipation. And according to Fr. Fadairo, “Advent is always a new beginning for the Church and for each of us. It is a time of renewal, spiritual encounter, spiritual voyage, of growing intimacy with Jesus and in an ever deeper understanding of him and his life in and for us”. For more understanding, the author further notes that at Advent, God’s children anticipate the coming of the ‘Word’ made flesh in our hearts and lives so that he truly manifests as Emmanuel- “God is with us”.

“Daily Bread for All Seasons: Advent & Christians”, is a compilation of various reflections put together by the author for over a period of two years. In essence, Fadairo’s book is a spiritual guide and manual appropriate for teaching and for personal reflection for Christians who desire to be richly blessed by the reason for the season, which is Jesus Christ, as they undertake the spiritual trip with God all through the Advent and Christmas seasons.

“Stay Awake and Be Watchful”, begins the reflection for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A, which is documented in pages 17 through 19. The book progresses with “The Call to Repentance” on the second Sunday of Advent, Year A. This topic is very relevant during the season as so many people use the phrase, the ‘reason for the season’ without knowing it’s essence. For many, Christmas is just about decoration, party, a time to show off wealth or engage in immoral acts all in the name of celebration which is reason evil tends to multiply in the period before and during the Yuletide. This makes Rev Fadairo’s reflections of much relevance given that they help to draw mankind closer to his creator especially during the two major seasons explored.

The reflections focus mainly on the readings from the gospel and other readings, in addition to responsorial psalms which the author notes, are included to accentuate and complement the messages in the gospel for each day. Still on “The Call to Repentance”, the author pens down the following; Isaiah 11:1-10; Romans 15:4-9 and Matthew 3: 1-12, as readings from the Scripture. Under this topic, he emphasises the importance of imbibing virtues while we await the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Notably, for each study, an apt theme is supplied so as to aid the understanding of the reader. The simple language and references to the Holy Bible also help the reader to understand the spiritual messages embedded in each reflection.

Reflections during the season of Advent takes space up to page 98, ushering in readings for the Christmas season from page 100, with “God Gives Us Divine Life Through Christ” (Christmas Mass during the Night, Year A, B, C), as title of the reflection. It is followed by “Celebrating the Birth of the Messiah (Christmas Day) in page 104.

Fadairo’s book of reflections is compiled in a manner that it supplies the spiritual nourishment Christians need to navigate life successfully, through the daily readings from the Holy Bible. It will no doubt, be a helpful companion to dedicated Christians who are interested in studying and meditating on the Word of God daily for spiritual growth.

As stated by the author, “Daily Bread for All Seasons”, will also serve as a “practical help to preachers, to complement their efforts in the preparation of their own reflections. It will enhance the proclamation of the Word of God among the faithful until all become conformed to what they read and hear- the word of Life”

Interestingly, in the 135-page study manual, the author concludes the reflection for each day with “salient and contemporary questions and prayers intended to challenge the readers into remaining focused on the embedded messages.

Rev Fadairo’s book of reflection is a commendable effort at not just helping Christian faithful to prepare for both the commemoration of the birth and second coming of our Lord Jesus but also to guide people to meditate on the real reason for the season as we celebrate.

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